“An architectural firm needs to be well-rounded, with expertise
and experience in a variety of areas, with a holistic sense of place,
whether it’s a neighborhood, commercial district, institutional setting,
or industrial workplace.”

“Diversity within our architectural practice has helped our firm
grow, from a business and professional standpoint. It energizes our staff,
challenging them to create new solutions and leverage experiences
across job settings. Many of our clients come to us with multiple types
of projects. Our flexibility allows us to respond to anything"

“Good urban design contributes to commercial success. We
consider design problems in the context of urban design and commercial
effectiveness. We understand the forces that impact commercial
development, as well as the environment  surrounding it. We offer a
comprehensive solution to the client, more than just reading a marketing
study and producing a cookie-cutter building design. Having a clear
understanding how that works sets us apart from other firms.”

“To be a good architect you have to be a pillar of the community.
You must understand the place and the people that you are designing for. “

  • Steven  C. Flum, AIA
    Steven C. Flum, Inc.