Exceptional Green Living On Rosa Parks


University of Wayne State Area Detroit

The Power Of Green Housing Development, LLC
Project Description:
Innovative and Environmentally friendly four -level multi-family building using shipping containers as the primary framing or building block for the structure.
Unit Description:
17-condominiums units over resident parking area. Studio, one and two and three-bedroom units, 960-1,920 square feet.
Green and Sustainable Design:
Wood is the primary material for new construction…a precious commodity that is harvested faster than the earth can replace its valuable contribution to our atmosphere. The project will use retired shipping containers. With hundreds of thousands of used shipping containers in stockyards without a use or purpose and no one knowing what or how to dispose of them. Many have been used once, originating in China and traveling across the seas and not being re-used because it is actually cheaper for China to build a new shipping container rather than shipping it back for reuse. It is estimated that 21,000 of shipping containers are brought to the United States every day.    
The project will also use manufactured green building materials and finishes in the build out of the units.